Gaulters Memorial Masons

Memorial Masons in Cheadle

Creating the perfect memorial for your loved one.

New Memorials

Our team of expert craftsmen can help provide you with the perfect new memorial for your loved one. We have a wide range of memorials to choose from. We can help and advise you to make the right choice.

Gaulters Memorials hold the biggest stock of standard memorials in the Northwest.  Gaulters can cater for every family’s needs without delay.

Our granite memorials are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and finishes to suit all tastes.

Additional Inscriptions

Using modern methods we can add additional inscriptions to almost all existing memorials. We can also help with existing lettering in a very poor condition. This can be re-faced and re-cut to get it back to its former glory. All methods of lettering can be produced including cut and gild, cut and leaded, cut and enamel and raised granite.

We can even create a special personalised etching from a photograph. Etchings are an appropriate choice for decorating polished granite memorials found in most cemeteries.

Bespoke Memorials

Here at Gaulters Memorials we enjoy an excellent reputation for producing fine quality Memorials.

We remain an independent family-run company and Gaulters Memorials take pride in offering every customer an individual service, from choosing your families memorial to installing in every Church Yard and Crematorium in the Northwest while still offering value for money.


Natural Stones, particularly the more porous ones, can become discoloured, weathered and dirty. Inscriptions are exposed to the elements which can cause them to fade and need to be re-gilded, repainted or re-cut. At Buckley Memorials we provide the service to completely revitalise your headstone, memorial or gravestone.

As a member of the BRAMM, you can be confident that all of our work is done to the highest standard. The Before and After photos on this page speak for themselves!

A member of our experienced team will inspect your memorial and will create a report outlining all of the work required to restore your memorial to a pristine condition. If you would like for us to carry out any work on your memorial, please contact us.

Our Showroom

Unlike some Memorial companies who advertise themselves in the press, we do not just supply you with a brochure and expect you to choose your requirements from a book.

We back up our brochures with Memorials on display in our showroom, to enable you to visualise your choice.